Useful Horse Care Tips for Beginners

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Horse Health

A horse is a healthy and strong animal. It is fast, robust, and enduring; 3 physical traits that make him one of the most useful companions to a man.

If you want to keep your horse healthy and powerful, you have to ensure that it is well-nourished and vaccinated by a qualified veterinarian to keep various disease and illness at bay.

Even basic horse care requires time, money, and knowledge. If you are looking to have a horse for the first time, you should better be prepared to commit adequate time to ensure its well-cared for.

Herein, we provide some handy horse care tips and tricks for those who have no prior experience:

Stabling Your Horse

The place where you’ll stable your horse will have a major impact on its health and overall wellbeing. You have to take responsibility to provide the best living conditions for your horse so that it remains in the best shape.

Besides a neat, spacious accommodation, a supply of clean, fresh water and a rack full of hay are the two essentials required for your horse as it is a naturally grazing animal. Give them a well-sized bed made of straw, shavings or newspaper, though you need to find out if it is allergic to anything that horse beds are made of.

You also need to have a daily stable cleaning procedure in place which includes daily muck out, deep litter, and daily skip out.

Horse Health

Taking Care of Your Horse Health

Like any other animal that is kept as a pet, its owner should ensure periodic health check-ups and vaccinations by a qualified and experienced veterinarian.

A horse’s health is a crucial component in its performance and health. You should keep a sharp eye on its health and behavior, and if anything appears not so well, you should consult a vet immediately.

Worming is another thing that should be carried out regularly by you. Ask your vet about choosing the best wormer for your horse as there are different varieties available and you would not like to waste your money on anything random.

Horse Grooming

Horse grooming is an important part of its overall keeping. Regular grooming is essential to ensure the coat stays in a good condition. You can put your own grooming kit together which consists of good-quality utensils and tools. Different combs and brushes are used in the grooming of a horse, though a qualified harrier is recommended.

Horse Grooming

Horse Nourishment

What you feed your horse, and in what quantity, depends on different factors like the type of horse you have and how often it gets a chance to do grazing. Other factors include how much work and exercise it gets regularly and its current weight.

Striking the right balance through feeding can be a challenging task for beginners, but they can rely on equine nutrition and supplements their horses are fed and nourished as per their bodily requirements.

Weight Monitoring

Like with humans, it is very important to monitor the weight of a horse on a regular basis by feeding him with proper diet, in the right amount. Overweight horses are prone to ‘Laminitis’, a very serious and painful condition, and if they had it once they’ll be even more prone to it.

Summing it Up

Beginners can find these tips very useful to ensure their horses stay in good shape and health. Advanced Equine Solutions is the industry leader in camel and equine supplements, providing superior health and performance products developed by an expert, vastly experienced team of animal sports scientists and veterinarians. Shop now!

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