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Treatment of Joint Pain in Horses: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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As a performance horse owner, you’ve left no stone unturned to provide the highest level of care your horse deserves, but there may be still some questions in your mind. Since the market is flooded with horse supplements of different brands, it’s normal for you to wonder how effective these really are.

No owner likes to see his beautiful, powerful, and majestic horse in pain. You want to do the best you can to alleviate or relieve the pain completely.

Horse owners, trainers, and breeders use different methods like natural remedies, medication, and horse joint pain supplements to give their horses much-needed relief.

What Cause Joint Pain?

There are different causes of joints pain in horses. Arthritis, improper shoeing, excessive weight, everyday use, joint stress, trauma, repeated injury, and athletic training are some common reasons for joint pain in horses.

The good news is that there are some very good horse joint pain supplements available in the market. You have to do your research well before investing in such equine joint supplements because not all of them are made using the highest quality ingredients.

Some popular, tried and tested horse joint supplements developed by the team of animal sports scientists and veterinarians contain MSM (MethylSulfonylmethane) which improves joint mobility and relieves pain in horses.

However, there are other ingredients too in horse joint pain supplements which help to reduce pain.

Some ingredients found in top quality supplements for horses have been proven to be effective in reducing swelling and inflammation of the joints. These are – glucosamine, MSM, Yucca, and Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids.

Other than these, ingredients like hyaluronic acid and manganese help produce new fluid around a joint. This fluid provides a better cushion which means after the swelling is reduced, your horse is least likely to experience acute pain caused by joint rubbing against the bone.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Horse Joint Pain?

Even though you can resort to horse joint supplements to provide relief from pain, you should act like a well-informed owner who takes necessary precautions to keep them from experiencing pain in the first place.

Here are a few precautions you should take for your horse to keep joint pain at bay.

  • Make sure they are shoed properly
  • Give your horse a regular joint massage to keep them healthy and warm
  • Make sure your horse gets daily exercise to keep his joints and muscles in a working order
  • It is very important for your horse to maintain a healthy weight so that his joints are not subjected to the additional stress of additional weight
  • Always warm up your horse slowly no matter if you’re going for an event or a casual ride to prevent the chances of any kind of injury
  • Schedule regular visits to a licensed and qualified vet so that problems like arthritis and joint disease can be detected as early as possible

Coming to the Conclusion

There’s no denying the fact that horse joint pain is a serious problem. Even if your horse is healthy and fine, it always helps to have top quality horse joint pain supplements readily available in case you notice your horse is uncomfortable or experiencing pain.

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