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How To Choose Health Supplements For Horses?

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Equine health supplements have been a bone of contention for years for most of the owners around world. Horses and ponies that are fed with proper diet would not normally require added supplements. However, if the forage is not ideal and your horse is suffering from some illness, then considering a health supplement to compensate for the deficiency is an ideal resolution.

A routine blood test can help you know the type of deficiency and choose the best health supplement to make up for that. Consult an experienced vet to get a better insight in the first place.

Do not forget that health supplements do not replace medicines. However, there is adequate evidence suggesting that some horses do get benefited with a supplemented diet.

Without furthering any confusion, let’s begin.

Which Health Supplement Will Be Adequate for Your Horse?

As you are mulling over the numerous options for equine feed supplements, consider the ingredients that are essential. Let’s figure out some of the equine supplements:

  • Chondrotin Sulphate: You may not find it in your normal horse diet but processed food products are found to have added chondrotin sulphate. Additionally, Chondrotin is known to have the tendency to prohibit the growth of destructive enzymes and support the production of cartilage.
  • Calcium: A balance of calcium and phosphate is essential to support the growth of healthy bones for your horse.
  • Electrolytes: It should be noted that horse sweat consists of electrolytes chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and couple of more minerals. Of all, the two electrolytes that are lost in sweat are sodium and chloride. Thus, it becomes necessary to plug the deficiency to ensure the regular strenuous horse activity.
  • Minerals: There are many key minerals such as copper, and manganese that are integral for the formation of cartilage and connective tissue.
  • Magnesium: It is known to be an important for supporting the regular function of the nervous system. Also, it was stipulated to be a common ingredient in ‘calming’ supplements.
  • Antioxidants: Your horse needs more of antioxidants with age. If it is already old, you can opt for bioplex or chelated minerals to keep the health quotient balanced.
  • Beta-Carotenes: You may not find most of the horses in desperate need of it if they are on normal forage. However, they are unavoidable for brood-mares and mares suffering from reproductive problems.

These are some of the commonly used horse supplements that you can’t do away with. It must be noted that every equine supplement does not work for all the horses. You must need to get your horse examined before pondering over the type of supplement.


Having said that, keep your horse specialist vet in the loop before putting on any dietary change. Let’s not forget that supplements rarely offer a quick fix solution; so, you would have to tread a fine line to revive the health of your horse.

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