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Four-Step Approach To Shop For Equine Supplements

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Many owners, trainers or breeders tend to be satisfied with feeding grass, hay, and water to their horses. However, they have little or no idea that they can improve and maximize their horses’ stamina and performance to the optimum level by using the highest quality products specially formulated by expert Animal Sports Scientists and Veterinarians.

Buying nutritional equine supplements is not as simple as ordering them online or from local markets. It’s very important for you to at least have a basic understanding of horse supplements before you move ahead. When used wisely, these can significantly improve the health, appearance, and performance of any horse.

On the other hand, randomly buying such products off the shelves without any research and information can result in severely affecting its health; something that you surely would like to avoid at all costs.

How can you get to choose the best horse supplements when market is flooded with dozens of products promising to boost their health and performance? Whether you want to buy joint, respiratory, metabolic or any other type of supplement, consider the following tips to find the best product suitable to your horse’s needs.

  1. Clarify Your Needs. There are many logical reasons to feed nutritional supplements to your horses and a few misguided ones. Understand the fact that your horse and its health needs are unique and different.

So, start your search by clarifying why you think your horse needs it and what are the results you’re expecting from using one. You can ask yourself the following questions to reach to a definite conclusion:

  • Is his hoof quality poor?
  • Is he losing weight?
  • Does his joints seem stiff?
  • Is he anxious too often?

There are general horses multivitamin supplements available, and then there are specific products too to bring an improvement in your horse’s health or performance.

  1. Do Your Research. These days you can find information on anything using internet search engines. Take some time out to search for some of the most reliable and popular equine supplement makers in the market today.

A well-established, industry-leading company such as Advanced Equine Solutions conducts a detailed research demonstrating the attributes of their products is likely to offer superior and unique formulations. Having several years of experience, it’s always a good idea to buy equine health supplements from them.

A company should have an easily accessible, well-staffed customer support system to enable prompt communication with customers.

  1. Consult With Your Veterinarian or Equine Nutritionist. When you’re done with research to conclude which health and performance enhancing products would be most suited to your equine’s needs, do not forget to consult your veterinarian.

Your horse may not need a supplement or that particular product may not be suitable or safe. Any purchase of equine nutritional supplements should be made in consultation with a licensed vet or equine nutritionist.

Make sure you provide all the information to your vet about all drugs, supplements and feeds you’re giving to your horse to avoid over supplementing which can have an adverse impact on a horse’s health.

  1. Use Products As Directed and Closely Supervise Your Horse’s Progress. Always use the chosen health or performance supplement as per the product’s instructions and closely monitor your equine’s progress.

Remember that some nutritional supplements can take time to be effective, while sometimes there might not be the results you were expecting. Such cases warrant another consultation with your vet or equine nutritionist about whether there’s a need to choose another supplement.


Choosing the best quality nutritional supplements can result in significant improvement in your horse’s health and performance. Not all products produced for equine world are equal in terms of quality, so always do your research before you end up buying them.

Advanced Equine Solutions is a renowned industry leader when it comes to offering well-researched and developed equine supplements developed by an expert team of animal sports scientists and veterinarians.

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