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Does Your Horse Need A Joint Supplement?

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Many of you might be wondering, “does my horse need an equine supplement” or “should I be feeding my horse supplements”?

Maybe your once award-winning steed is taking long for complete recovery after a competition, or it might be that your young horse is thriving and you want to prolong its life and health.

Undoubtedly, you want to see your horse lead a healthy life, but does giving equine supplements really make a difference?

Being a horse owner, you might be doing it all to formulate proper diet and health plans to ensure complete wellbeing and boost the performance of your racehorse.

So, if your farrier is taking a regular check on your horse feet and legs, then possibly they may easily spot the discomfort while they walk. Even your vet can help in identifying if your horse really has a joint problem.


Joint Issues & Concerns

Prevention of joint pains or other concerns is vital for the horses especially if they are taking part in any form of racing, athletic competition, reining, barrel racing etc. Undoubtedly, it lays stress on the joints of the steed. These horses are at the highest risk of developing joint concerns or tends to suffer from a joint issue.

But, feeding a joint supplement will ensure proper nutrients are fed making your horse more flexible and less prone to injury.

Feeding regular supplements to your horse help them with recover quickly and achieve peak performance. Also, you are clamping down chances of recurring health problems and boosting longevity.

So, make sure when you are choosing a joint supplement after understanding your horse’s basic nutritional needs and market research. You can explore Advanced Equine Solutions for the best horse supplements.


Choosing The Right Supplement

While choosing the right supplement for your equine, keep in mind the four important ingredients that aids in keeping their joints healthy. Let’s find out more on that…


It is considered as the building block of all connective tissues, including the cartilage and all the other forms. They are effective as a painkiller, and sometimes, for a short period of 10 to 14 days.  It slows down cartilage breakdown and speeds up healing.


They are the structural components of cartilage and bones of horses and simultaneously, used to prevent any further cartilage breakdown.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is a vital component of the cartilage itself and the joint fluid. Often used as an oral supplement, they aid in controlling pain, and swelling in joints.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

It’s a horse protein supplement that forms the structural framework for all the connective tissues in the body. It’s widely used to promote ulcer and wound healing, and even works well for arthritis.


In The End…

Whether you make your steed jump the big hurdles or take them for walks over the long weekend, feeding a joint supplement is never a bad idea, especially if you seek their longevity and good health.

And, if you are looking for a joint supplement, Advanced Equine Solutions is a recommended company.  Feel free to contact us at  +61421779000 and talk to our experts for any inquiry.

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