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Boosting Equine’s Immune System to Ensure Good Health & Performance

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Keeping your horse’s immune system strong is vital to ensure it enjoys optimal health, especially those racehorses and thoroughbreds. Horses with a weak immune system are more prone to illness or infection which can potentially mean below-par performance and a lot of money lost too.

Our environment is home to many bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can attack your horse’s immune system. If it’s not strong enough, it may negatively affect its health and performance. There are many horse health supplements available in the market to help boost your equine’s immune system.

That said, there are always some infections and diseases beyond our control, but using good-quality health supplements could go a long way in influencing the outcome. Consult with an experienced and qualified veterinarian to work out the best nutrition plan to keep your horse fit and healthy.

So, what are the nutrients besides the standard feed to keep your equine in shape to perform well at the highest level? Read on to find out more about it.

Vitamin A: It is a fact that the horse’s bodies do not always convert their feed into the right amounts of Vitamin A. Using highest quality pure and potent equine health supplements helps to clear any clouds of doubt regarding “if” your horse’s body is doing the job or not.

Regular intake of Vitamin A is essential for:

  • Sharp, accurate vision – It also helps to prevent injuries
  • Reproduction- Helps to keep both mare and foal healthy
  • Aids in proper digestion through the ability to process the natural vitamins consumed through feed properly
  • Respiration systems: proper breathing ability is very important for optimal health
  • The quality of the horse’s coat reduces skin’s irritations and allergies

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is responsible for promoting strong bones and teeth. The condition of your equine’s teeth shows if it is taking an adequate amount of Vitamin D or not. The use of high-quality horse dietary supplements helps to ensure that your horse’s body is nourished with a proper amount of calcium.

This allows for strong resistance against osteoporosis and arthritis, especially in horses that perform rigorously on a daily basis.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an essential vitamin to a horse’s immune system. Free radicals can enter the blood which may lead to a serious blood condition called thrombi. This vitamin can starve off this serious threat which can weaken the equine. Vitamin E aids in proper blood circulation and keeps the heart strong while preventing muscles from losing their strength.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These have been tried and tested on other species and shown to reduce inflammation and allergic inflammatory response.  Researchers have found credible evidence that the fatty acid source flaxseed can possibly reduce the allergic inflammatory response in horses.

When given in adequate amounts to a horse, they should not pose a threat to its inflammatory system.

Vitamin B and Iron: The combination of these vitamins helps to keep the immune system strong and boosts equine’s stamina. It helps them in improving their concentration by boosting their blood count and getting rid of negative influences built up in their body.

Coming to the Conclusion

Your horse’s health should not be compromised and should be regularly checked by an experienced and qualified veterinarian. All-natural feed and proper exercise are the first steps of defense in a horse’s immune system.

The second step is that of using high-quality horse supplements that have been scientifically researched and developed over many years. Like many human beings, equines too have bodies that do not want to process vitamins correctly.

They often need an extra boost to their immune system to compensate for vitamins that are not processed by their bodies.

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