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5 Proven Tips To Take Care Of Your Horse in Winter

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Some nations are bracing for a particularly chilling snap of season this time! Some people are harbingering it as the “beast from the east”, while some are busy in stockpiling food and fuels to meet the needs of their daily routines.


Whatever your personal reactions to the weather are, the fact is you are definitely going to feel a cold weather outside the window. Dropping temperatures, accompanied with freezing chills, will get you to feel like it’s -20C.


But what about the horses? Intense winter conditions push the horse owners to deal with a new set of challenges. However, we have clutched some practical tips for taking the best care of your horse during the winter season:


1. Make Sure Your Equine Friend Have a Healthy Diet


An appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins from forage and pastures for your horse be the borderline during winters, eminently for the ones dealing with some chronic equine health issues. And, wearing a cold shoulder for your equine friend at this interval of time result in low plasma and vitamin.


So, horses affected will surely benefit from equine health supplements, especially during the winter season.


2.  Just Hay Is Not Enough


Taking into consideration the nutritional value, hay cannot be compared to the fresh grass. Once the grass is cleft, dried, and stored, it begins to lose its nutritional value. Usually, your horse releases vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. But, during winters, spending more time indoors induces a deficiency of vitamin D resulting in the unprotected bones, joints, and muscles.

Thereby, giving your horses vitamin supplements will fill the nutritional gap created with hay-only diet.


3. Pay Special Attention to The Older Ones


Your older horses seek all your care and special attention. They casually need more vitamin C at this age to produce collagen. Simultaneously, make sure, there is no tough competition with the aggressive ones for hay and provide the older horses a feed mixed with flaxseed.


Be sure to check your equine friend’s teeth. Poor dental concerns are one of the leading causes for weight loss pertaining in aged horses.



4. Be sure to give a supplementary inventory


The foremost among all the queries is what supplements you need to maintain for your horse during the chilling weather. It is sure, not all the horses need the same amount of diet. Some horses need vitamins and minerals when green pastures are no longer available. While some require additional energy or digestive supplements.


Therefore, take the inventory, order what may be needed to meet the needs of winter months so that you have it on hand when your horse needs it. Check for the expiration dates before picking any supplement from the shelves.


5. Tick the Right Choice – Rug or Not to Rug


Midst of all the things, everyone like to keep their equine friend nice, clean, and snug. But you should be careful to not over rug them. However, it is cold outside there, the sun may be shining bright sometimes. So, don’t forget to swipe your hands under the blanket from time to time, and make sure your horse is not sweating there.


Make the Best Choice for Your Energetic Equine Friend


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